Friday, August 14, 2009

GDP 130 / CAE 76 Registration Started

Registration of GDP 130, CAE 76, 13th Air defense, MET branch, A & SD has started.

Registration from 09 to 16 august 2009.

For more information visit the link below, and contact the concerning PAF selection center.

Link to Information

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Interview: Sex related questions Part 2

As a continuation of my previous post "Interview: Sex related questions" Here are some other questions frequently asked.

Did you ever had sex?

The answer is obviously NO.

If you are with the girl you love alone, what will you do with her?
(Try to answer this question by your self, try to think over it, use your mind and come up with an answer and post here).

Remember as i said earlier, these questions are just to check if you tell the truth. This topic is also dealt in the story writing and sentence completion tests where questions like "Larki ke tangain .................." What ever a person will write in these sentences will tell about his/her thinking and personality. Interviewer will ask sex related questions to confirm if that candidate gives the same kind of answer during interview or hides his true self by answering a safe question. In other words he writes some vulgar answer in sentence completion and acts like a pious molvi in interview. This contradiction would prove that the candidate is not being honest with the interviewer.

What you need to do is make a clear mindset. Think about it and work on it as what stance you will adopt for such questions in all types of tests and then stick to it. You should have a persistent attitude and set of answers for these sort of questions.

Don't be shy. Be bold. Interestingly sometimes such questions are not asked from many candidates altogether, and some are given real tough time. The reason is same "Contradiction" in their previous test answers.

Although its not hard and fast rule, but it is a myth that usually candidates who go to Kohat are asked such questions more frequently then those who go to Gujerawala. But i say better be prepared then sorry.

Interview : Sex related questions

Candidates who go for issb have to face strange situation when they are asked sex related questions during interview.
Candidates get confused as what to answer to such questions. Time and again they are told to be natural and normal but this situation creates problem as they usually dont discuss or are encountered with such questions especially when the interview decides if you get the job or not stress level increases greatly.

Here are a few tips in this regard.

1. If asked have you seen bp(blue print movie)

These days indian movies have so many partially nude scenes that its seems a lie to say that you dont know anything about it. You may say that you have never seen such a movie if you really havent but you can say that you know whats in it.

2.question regarding girlfriend or boy friend.

It depends on your back ground. If you have been in co education then naturally you must have had interaction with opposite gender. But you can say that they are just friends like anyother classfellow. Others well try to show naturally that its not the case.if he insists you can say that you like some cousin or anyone but you know that you should have a career and work hard for it to be eligible to send formal proposal. It will give a more mature and responsible image.

In short you should know that these questions are not to explore your personal but to know if you are being true to them or have a fake image. Or the candidate has pre prepared answers. Try not to hesitate and give awkward gestures. Dont be too open giving a negative impression.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

CMB Combine Medical Board

CMB is special medical test conducted by PAF. Its held in Masroor Air Force Base Karachi. Air force has a hospital in the base where almost 3 to 4 days (working days) are spent by the candidates.

Upon reaching there you have to fill a few forms. There is a mess there for you. Here is the sequence of tests for GDP (they may very a bit, and for CAE and Non GD groups the tests might be a bit less tough and less in number)

1. Blood and urine test.
2. X Ray for chest.
3. ENT (Ear, DNS) Checkup by doctor
4. A test for ears in which they place a headphone on your ears and tell u that if u hear a beep in left or right ear then press respective button on a small panel.
4. Physical Exam (Height, weight, Chest measurements)
5. Surgical Exam
6. ECG
7. Heart beat Checkup by doctor
8. Then many tests of Eyes (ranging from Color blindness to check if there is any disease) Quite hectic and time consuming tests.

(I hope i havent missed anything). When you clear your CMB, you then go for Flying Aptitude test. It used to be in PAF selection center Karachi, but now it has been shifted to PAF selection center Rawalpindi.

Details of Flying aptitude test will be provided later.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

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Friday, December 26, 2008

Individual Task (2)

Individual tasks comprise of

1. Hanging Bridge
2. High Jump
3. Ditch Jump
4. Zig Zag
5. Going through a hanging Tier
6. Monkey Bridge
7. Tarzan Swing
8. Boxing Ring
9. Rope Climbing

They are arranged in a small size ground and are placed randomly, meaning there is no pattern as which task should be done first and which at the end. You can start from one side and complete tasks which come before you. Usually all obstacles are arranged in circular manner with 2 or 3 tasks in the center.

Each obstacle has certain points which are calculated when candidate crosses them. If your body touches any part marked red it is considered a foul. you have to do that task all over again. Usually if some one has committed a foul he should try to cross that obstacle again, if again same foul is made then try it for the third time. If even on the third time you cant clear it then move forward to the next obstacle. By trying to clear the obstacle 3 times you give 2 impressions.

1. You are determined to complete the job that is why you are trying again and again.
2. If you cant clear 3 times you move on and try to complete other jobs rather then wasting your time on just one.

Details about each obstacle will be given in other parts.

To be Continued...

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Individual Tasks Part (1)

Individual tasks are considered by many as the most important test of ISSB. I have seen many aspirants who are "not recommended" evaluating their ISSB performance on the number of Individual tasks they have done and saying that they performed very good but still were not recommended.

The thing is, Individual tasks are not the ONLY test on which you are evaluated. Its just a part of a bigger test, in which your ability to tackle physical hurdles and you courage is evaluated along with your honesty.

When am saying courage i mean physical courage. Fear of hight, fear of falling, fear of getting injured and fear of not accomplishing a task are some of the things evaluated.

The real courage and power lies in the brain , not in arms and legs. if you have the will "I CAN DO IT" you can do almost everything. If you get a thought "NO, THIS IS TOO HIGH, I CANNOT JUMP" or "I MAY FALL AND HURT MY SELF" then you will clearly show your cowardliness and hesitation. GTO will see that instantly and mark that point of yours.