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Psychology ( Part 1)


A very important question was asked by someone regarding a very important question of ISSB. This question is asked in different formats but the answer which they are looking for is related to your personality...

Questions are:
  • Write 3 good and bad qualities of yourself?
  • Write 3 good qualities of your friend or what do you like about your friend? (actually they are your qualities)
  • Write 3 bad qualities of your friend or what is it that you dont like in your friend?
  • Which are the three qualities of yours that your friends like? (your good qualities)
  • Which are the three qualities of yours that your enemies like? ( your weaknesses)
What is the purpose of these questions?

The first purpose is to see if you know about your own self or not, its a SWOT analysis of your self (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats). If a person knows about him/her self he can handle any situation and has a better judgment power.

The second purpose of these questions like almost all of the questions at ISSB is to see if you are telling the truth or lies.

Since this is a PET question in ISSB its better to prepare it first. Like always, here again ill tell you to think about your self and try to come up with your answers. Because if you write your real weaknesses(bad habits) and good traits then you would be able to answer exactly the same else where if asked.

Here is what you have to think before answering these important questions...

  • Dont Lie 100% . 20 or 30% is allowed :-) (write your good things which are in you and bad which are)
  • Note if you are writing a bad habit it shouldnt be that bad which would make a negative impact on selectors e.g. "I lie, I cheat" etc.
  • Dont try to be too positive which would clearly show you are lieing, e.g. "i am very honest, i never lie" etc. (everyone lies its human nature)
  • If you are very creative try to portray you negatives in a way as if they appear to be positive...e.g. "Sometimes in order to keep up with my study schedule i cut my time which i plan to spend with my family" (This is an example....DO NOT COPY....)

Here are some of the examples of good habits.
  • I try my level best to be punctual.
  • I try to be social.
  • I respect elders as for me respect of elders is very important
And for bad habits...
  • I am not regular in prayes (if offcourse you are not, if you are, you should write in good habits).
  • I take alot of tea. (Similar can be made, but such should be written at the end)
  • I am a miser ( meaning Kanjoos)
I hope you have got the idea.

What you can do is write your answers and post a reply to me, to get them checked..


Anonymous said...


Indeed very valuable info. I want to know that things mentioned in Preliminary Interview, should be continued in ISSB or not?
Means in my pre-interview, I was asked about my merits-demerits & I mentioned some, so should I continue with these or might Add/remove some?
Reply at your earliest.

Sibtain Afzaal: said...

Interview at selection centre has nothing to do with the ISSB

but yes interviews at ISSB matter alot, THe biodata form you fill, the questions GTO asks, which he says are informal and have nothing to do with ISSB, they too matter a great deal.GTO gives his detailed assesment and so does the psychologists on the final day, but they do share infomation with eachother before that, they do tell which question should be asked and which parts of a candidate's personality should be checked by the interviewer...
They are all linked to get a clear picture of a candidate's personality.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a Lot!
As you said, "Interview at selection centre has nothing to do with the ISSB".
But on first day at center during our Intial IQ test, the OIC mentioned that candidate's whole merit start from first IQ Test to Final Interview (which is to be taken at ISSB).
So, that made me lil worried,
Can you please confirm is it that candidate's merit is right from first day?
Thanks Again!

Sibtain Afzaal: said...

Dont worry about the selection centre tests, all you have to do is to get cleared from there and submit your form, rest is upto ISSB, they check for them selves your IQ and other abilities.

in my case i didnt perform well in my initials, but i did manage to get the form,

worked well in ISSB and easily got strongly recommended in the very first attempt.

Anonymous said...

Its really great help!

W@LEED said...

Sibtain bhaii plzz if you still use this blog then please reply me.
I Need your guidance to join ISSB.In Different tests like interview,intelligence,group tasking and group discussion.
Please do reply soon

Sibtain Afzaal: said...

yes dear waleed ask any question you like about these things, ill reply you. blog is active and will remain active inshallah,

if you want the complete info about everything of ISSB, its going to be uploaded soon...

W@LEED said...

Thank you soo much bhai
Now here are my answers for my good and bad habits.Please check them if they are gonna be okay or not

My Good Habits

1)I Pray 5 times a day
2)I usually remain strict to my timetable
3)I am honest towards my relatives

My Bad Habits

1)I Am a little emotional
2)I Drink water a lot
3)I Usually dont like my science subjects.

Sibtain bhai please guide me if there is any mistake

W@LEED said...

and bhai in group discussions
should we speak a lot or should we first analyze on other guys speaking?????
please if u r free now please give me a detailed info on group discussion and which type of questions appear there

Sibtain Afzaal: said...

hm for good habits,

First one is GOOD KEEP IT:
pray 5 times, good, but you should know dua-e- Qanoot, Nimaz e janaza, no of takbeer;s in Eid prayer etc, i was asked dua e magfirat that is in nimaz e janaza.

2nd about time table:
time table for studies? yes its also good keep it, here you are not saying that i am punctual(cuz thats exaggeration) "try to keep time table" wording is good it would save you from counter questions.

3. honest towards relatives is a bit doubtful, they can ask what does this mean, do u tell on face of any relative that you hate someone? try to give a better 3rd option like the above 2.

Sibtain Afzaal: said...

My Bad Habits

1)I Am a little emotional

No No NO, it can create alot of issues for you, an officer has to be emotion less so that he can make the right decisions, "Jazbati" banda is not what they want.

2)I Drink water a lot.

technically its not a bad habit, what you can say is that i take alot of tea, which is not a good thing for teeth, your kidneys and other organs.

3)I Usually dont like my science subjects.

Thats excellent :-) if you are not opting for GDP, CAE, Army Engineering core, or Navy. You can write it as "although i get good marks in science subjects but i have less interest in them". Try not to use the words "NO" "NOT" "NEVER" "DONT" which give negative impression, ill have a complete topic on this soon.

Sibtain Afzaal: said...

am writing about group discussion, right now, you can check about it tomorrow, inshallah it will be there...

W@LEED said...

thankxx a lot bhai
ill check out the topics tomorrow INSHALLAH

W@LEED said...

sibtain bhai what about the weaknesses arent they same as the bad habits???
could you please elaborate...

Sibtain Afzaal: said...

yes there is difference, Aadat and kamzoori main difference hay na ? same case here

Anonymous said...

good habits:
2:good orator
3:hospitable and friendly

bad habits:
1:irregular in prayers
2:my questioning to teachers
3:sometimes over-confident
4:a bit restrained*

* i will define it as i mostly keep everyone at an arm's length even my friends, very less sharing my emotions, my friends usually complain that i dont make them phone calls and nor visit their places etc...


Sibtain Afzaal: said...

one one side you have written hospitable and friendly and on other you have written restrainined. these 2 are opposite to each other, they wount ask you for explaination what do u mean, write simple and clear things.

about orator, they might ask you if you had ever participated in any compitition etc.

change this "over confidence" thing it would damage your ISSB.

ANd about "self confidence", if you write that, they will ask you loads of questions, mostly mathematical and try to confuse you, e.g. 2+2x2 is ? you might say sir 6, he would say r u sure ? isnt it 8, now at that moment he would check if you have the confidence on your answer or not.

daiko, give such answers which would not make them ask qustions, make them ask questions from such area which you have prepared quite well, only then u can satisfy them.

Anonymous said...

so i shall replace SELF-CONFIDENT with RESPECTING.
-okay i will remove that also, but i actually wanted to say that i give them a warm welcome when they are at ma places, but usually i dont go at their homes.
so shall i go like this:

good habit:
2:good orator (yeah i have a good nbr of distinctions)
3:good learner( this is what my fellows and teachers appreciate, that not only i am a good learner but always tending to improve my self)

bad habits:
1:irregular in prayers
2:my questioning to teachers
3:too much invovled in extra-curricular....(i would participate in every single compt and this sometimes irritate my class fellows, for they want some new faces )

thanks a lot fr your genuine help.

Sibtain Afzaal: said...

you should generalize respecting to "Respect elders" although the context would be changed slightly but this would make you safe from questions.

FOr good learner and asking questions, we good learners always ask questions, you mentioned one as good thing other as bad thats confusing, Drop "Asking too much questions" as it gives a very negative impression. In military life they want "YES SIR, NO QUESTIONS ASKED".
Try to come up with a nice bad habit :-) am sure you are quite intelligent and would come up with something nice.

Remember its not just that you write few good and bad things, its the logic behind them that matters in ISSB.

Anonymous said...

Cool! Then lemme come back to this;)
If he asks me so, I would reply him Sir, when there is more than ONE operation in a sum, we have to follow DMAS rule, according to which MULTIPLICATION has to be done before the ADDITION and, that gives the answer 6 and not 8. =P

--So I shall replace (3) with: :I respect my elders or I am obedient
And OVER-CONFIDENCE with that I take a lot of tea [as its true in my case]: -:(my mom doesn’t like my habit of taking a lot of tea)

So it becomes:

1:self confidence
2:good orator
3:i respect my elders
4:i are obedient

And for bad ones:
1:irregular in prayers
2:i take a lot of tea
3:too much involved in extra curricular*
*I participate in every single competition or function in my college or around, and my friends some times get irritated for they want some new faces to come.

I am still seeking for your guidance and please let me know what should I improve.(belive me, i have really understood the purpose ov why they ask such questions.:p....)
Thanks a lot for you genuine help

Sibtain Afzaal: said...

now these are much refined answers.

now this is just one of the so many questions that are going to be asked, you see how much time had to be spent on just making one answer proper and upto the mark...

by the way sana, dont take that much tea, it can cause problem of stone in kidneys.

Anonymous said...

yes, i never knew it was going to take this much time....and i am really thankful to you, i really needed some guidance,:)

as far as tea is concerned,i cant leave it...kin ov addiction=p.

and yes onething more,
can i add this in my bad habits that i use computer at night for long hours, which is dangerous to my eyesight for no propr lightening


Sibtain Afzaal: said...

try not to add computer, as they would ask what do u do late night on net, if you say chatting they would say with whom, then they will ask for online friends, boy friends on and on and on......

Urooj said...

salam bahi
1.committed and motivated
3.kind hearted
1.i am very talkative
3.miss my meals
kindly give ur remarks and guide me

Sibtain Afzaal: said...

They are absolutely right.

Do write an email to me giving details about what batch you have applied for and possible date for your ISSB.

Anonymous said...

Assalam o alaikum

Good habbits of mine are:

1: I try to help others
2: i m very co-operative
3: friendly

Bad habbits of mine are:

1: sometimes straight forward
2: talkative
3: love eating

sibtain bhai, i m an Electronic Engineer and i have applied for WOMEN COMMISSIONED OFFICER (Computer Scientific Officer), i wanna ask you that when will the issb letter come after priliminary tests and interview?

please tell me as soon as possible, i'll be very thankful to you.

Engr Tayyaba

Sibtain Afzaal: said...

Cooperative and helpful are almost the same things. Try to give some other point.

As for bad habits, being straight forward is not a bad thing.

As for letter, usually ISSB sends letter 15 days before the date of issb of a candidate. Question when is the issb of your course will start can be answered by

Anonymous said...

thanks alot you are very helpful indeed

please have a look again on my habbits

Good Qualities of mine:

*cant rely on others
*hard worker

Bad habbits;

*cant sleep early
*love eating

Sibtain Afzaal: said...

Donot use the negative words like

Cant, Not, Never, Impossible, No, etc. Use the positive words.

*co-operative (Good)
*cant rely on others (Use the word, Self dependent)
*devoted (good)
*hard worker (good)
*friendly (good)

Bad habbits;

*cant sleep early (Use: Sleep Late at night, also make a good reason why do u sleep late, e.g. study etc)
*talkative (good)
*love eating (Use : Take unbalanced diet)

Anonymous said...

aoa sibtain bhai!

thank you so much for your guidance,i'll follow them inshahallah.

i have received my issb letter but what i have to bring for my issb is not mention in the letter that I have found in the issb website so plz tell me what should I do?

Engr. Tayyaba

Sibtain Afzaal: said...

you can visit my post in this blog telling about the stuff to take with (for male candidates) girls can change a few things as their require.

send me an email at as soon as possible so that i can reply you quickly after asking a few females who went for ISSB.

Anonymous said...

aoa sibtain bhai,

I have mailed you, kindly reply me soon. thanks

Engr. Tayyaba

Anonymous said...

sibtain bhai,

someone has told me that for the induction of women as short service commissioned officer, there is no GTO. Is it true?

Sibtain Afzaal: said...

well GTO not only conducts the tasks, but also has the responsibility to conduct group discussions and planning. So thinking that GTO will not be there is wrong.

Anonymous said...

Hello officer,

the first question is that they ask all question listed in blog content above or only few of the.

Secondly check my good and bad qualities.
I am creative
I am courageous
I am hardworking
I am cooprative
i try to be coolminded

I smoke
I am less puntual
I dont offer prayer
I dont exercise
I decieve
i m miser
I m shy

I appreciate your services for upcoming officers. keep it up bro

Anonymous said...

sir i have this question that i am applying for aeronautical engg in paf.i know after issb there comes another merit list,i have scored 76% in matric and fsc,do u know that if i will make into that merit list or not.i will b very thankful to u if u can answer this for me

shazia said...

Assalmalekum i want to know about the preliminary interview for IT specialist Special branch in navy .
plz let me know what they will ask in the interview?
and plz tell me that is issb is the next step after preliminary interview?
(i have qualified in the initial test and initial medical now i have to appear in the preliminary interview)

Sibtain Afzaal: said...

for IT branch usually questions related to IT, database, programming (basic stuff) an general knowledge is asked.(As told by those who went for the same Interview)

shazia said...

thank you so much
what is the nxt step after this interview?

Sibtain Afzaal: said...

Next step would probably be final merit and final medical

fazal said...

may u these answers is applicable or not
good habits,
pray 5 times a day,,
respect my elders,,
friendly and helpful too,,
i am trying to speak truth,,

bad habits.
i am miser (kanjus),,
i take meal after completing my home work at night,,
when live cricket is coming on t.v. then i say all to please dnt distuurb me,,
i interfere my friend problem,,,
i like chemistry lil..
ans me plz em waiting
and my orkut id is

SYED said...

salam brother iam waiting 4 issb call letter and iam appearing as technical cadet in army.iam waiting since 45 days,so when i will get my call letter???

Sibtain Afzaal: said...

dear syed, please check issb website, and if it still is not solved then call the selection center.

fakhar_shad said...

My good habbits

i m practical in my life

I helped people as much i can do

i alwayz try to speak truth

My bad habbits

i lose my temper some time

i eat pan suparis

i hate physics

plz comment on my answers

Anonymous said...

bad habits are ok... see if u can come up with some better one to replace lose temper.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

brother n. abul hassan here
plz do inform me abt our gdmo issb interview at maleer as i m going to b appear there

Anonymous said...


I have register myself in air force nd have cleared acedemic test etc nw i want 2 knw about the issb 4 gals in airforce , i have applied in aeronauticl eng .

RNHKK said...

My name is Naveed i also applied in AIR FORCE As GD(P) 133 Course i want to know about that in interveiw G.knowledge question or any IQ Question such as "i've bought 2 dozan eggs of fifty ruppes and two has broken and i sold out of 55 ruppees then tell me what is the my percentage of profit?"such kind of Question if do'nt know at that time like such question has marks or not or only they see the confidence not that much G.knowledge and tell me the good website for learning or gainning the information thanks.
My id



Fawad Jahangir said...

My Good habits:
1) Respect my elders.
2) Friendly.
3) Honest.
4) Trustworthy.

My Bad Habits:
1) Not regular in my prayers.
2) Give a lot of time to my friends.
3) Eat samosas a lot.
4) Don't follow a timetable.
Please bhai check my good as well as bad habits and plz let me know if there is any mistake. I am waiting for your earliest reply. Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

HI sibtain. Plz tell me that does my good and bad habits are good
good habits
1. I am very friendly
2. I offers prayers 5 times a day
3. I respect my elders
4. I learnt from my mistakes
5. I leave bad habits very easily and adopt good habits much more easily

bad habits
1. I am bit miser
2. I didnt sleep early
3. i waste my time in playing alot

Anonymous said...

Hi please guide me.....
My good habits are
striaght farward
My bad habits
want accuracy in my work
sumtime tell lie just to motivate others
straight farward

Anonymous said...

Sir in the short commission will the followings work well :

Good Habits
•Like continuous grooming and learning
•Can adjust in any time of environment
•Accept the true and deny the wrong

Bad Habits
•Irregular eating
•Passion to complete task at the earliest
•Over-use of cell phone

Anonymous said...

aoa sir ,,,, i am new here...... sir kindly tell me some important topics which can be given at issb by gto and psygst.......plz

XaniXander said...


Dear Sibtain Afzaal, wil you please let me know anything about the ISSB for "MARINE & WEAPON ENGINEERING (PAKNAVY)" ????
Like group tasks, Group discussion topics, Physical exercises, etc
I'll be waiting for your kind reply.


Anonymous said...

Asslamu alaikum...
I can undertake all the physical test but I am quite underweight according to BMI(about 10 lbs).Is here any hope for me in issb

Anonymous said...

Is there is only one interview which is happen after initial tests and Is there any other interviews in ISSB test.
I want to know about the interview happen after initial tests and interviews in ISSB test.
please guide me.

Bushra Khan said...

Aoa friends..
kindly mujhae NON GD course k baray main guide ker dain k initial k bad medical main kaun kaun say test atay and medical bad kaun kaun say phase atay hain..........

Anonymous said...

Assalamo alekum
in medical they chk ur heartbeat,bp,eye sight,ent,feet,knee knocking.
for futher process chk this link

Anonymous said...

Assalamo alekum
can any1 guide me about psychological test?
i applied for IT officer.
what is IBM programmer test?is it include in psychological test?

Anonymous said...

salam to all
i need tips and info abt the short service commission in navy especially for the "intelligence test" for pharmacists and occupational therapists.
any one pleases help me.
may GOD bless you.

Muhammad Shaheryar said...

dear sir,
please check my good habits and bad habits it is correct or not plzz

Good habits:
I help my friend in study
i help the needies by my pocket money
i love my country very much\
good in making friendship
Bad habits:
Dont watch news
Weak in urdu
Give a lot of time to cricket
sleep late at night

sir kindlyyy replyyy soon plzzz

Anonymous said...

Salam !
@ Sibtain Afzaal :
sir i have to confirm about ma merits and demerits plz check it.

Merits :
1) I do try to help others.
2) I am regular in classes.
3) I am trust worthy person.
4) I do discuss everything with my parents.
5) I am responsible person.

Demerits :I speak fast.
2) I ask questions from teachers alot.
3) I am irregular in prayers.
4) I drink Pepsi alot.
5) Mostly i donot take Lunch.

abdul rehman mirza said...

salam sir plz check my habbits and reply me
good habits are
1.respect elders
2.sincere frndz
3.always try to be punctual
4.logical and conceptial(means i always do conceptual study)
bad habbits
1.not punctual in prayers
2.miser (kanjoos)
3.always wear simple dress
4.straight forward

Anonymous said...

hello, i'am asma ad I have passed initial test for supply branch in Navy, I want to know that how I should prepare my self anybody who can answer my question. I will be thankful to you.

Anonymous said...

hellow my test is on 3 may 2014 ,,,,,,,,,,,, plz give me sone current topics going on ovr thr . . . . in navy . . .

Ammy Sweet said...

hello friends...can anyone tell me that whats the %required in hssc for gd pilot in PAF?
Ayesha from Karachi Sindh

Ammy Sweet said...

hello friends..can anyone tell me whats the percentage required for GD pilot in inter?if he or she wants to give test from karachi or Hyderabad?

Anonymous said...

hello friends..can anyone tell me whats the percentage required for GD pilot in inter?if he or she wants to give test from karachi or Hyderabad?

Anonymous said...

hello friends..can anyone tell me whats the percentage required for GD pilot in inter?if he or she wants to give test from karachi or Hyderabad?

Anonymous said...

hello friends..can anyone tell me whats the percentage required for GD pilot in inter?if he or she wants to give test from karachi or Hyderabad?

Anonymous said...

hello friends..can anyone tell me whats the percentage required for GD pilot in inter?if he or she wants to give test from karachi or Hyderabad?

Anonymous said...

50% marks are required in Fsc.

Read this document for details

Anonymous said...

AOA Sir!
My Good Habits are:

1. I am an honest person.If needed i'd say (Alhamdu lillah) depends on selectors' expressions and mood :-)
2. I try to be kind with everyone.
3. I respect my elders at large extent.
4. I've good physical strength.(I can do 40 push ups, 11 chin ups, 40 sit ups etc)

My Bad Habits are:

2. Sometimes i make excuses.
1. I have a little sense of humour.
3. I use facebook a lot.(Aur koi a nahi rahi thi that's why)

So this is all about me & i took 5 to 7 minutes to write this. In fact, I've seen these things in me right now.

Shahxaib Gondal said...

AOA Sir!
My Good Habits are:

1. I am an honest person.If needed i'd say (Alhamdu lillah) depends on selectors' expressions and mood :-)
2. I try to be kind with everyone.
3. I respect my elders at large extent.
4. I've good physical strength.(I can do 40 push ups, 11 chin ups, 40 sit ups etc)

My Bad Habits are:

2. Sometimes i make excuses.
1. I have a little sense of humor.
3. I use facebook a lot.(Aur koi a nahi rahi thi that's why)

So this is all about me & i took 5 to 7 minutes to write this. In fact, I've seen these things in me right now.

Anonymous said...


1)I respect my elders
2)I am fond of adventures
3)I try to be punctual

1)I take alot of time in brushing my teeth
2)I dont like Mutton
3)My hand writing isn't good

Maverick Khan said...

How to nicely avoid or reply sex related Qs e.g Have you ever seen BP..
Have you ever Prac HP...

Girl friend Qs..
if u can e mail me Guidelines on fol...
Question. What is BP?
Answer. Sir, It Stands for Boiling Point, Blood Pressure & Blue Print.
Question. Have you ever seen Blue Print ?
Question. How many times you saw Blue Print?
Question. Your face show you saw Blue Prints 100 time?
Question. Where you saw Blue Prints first time?
Question. Why you saw Blue Prints?
Question. After seeing you liked Blue Prints or not?
Question. After seeing Blue Prints what you did?
Question. What is HP?
Question. Have you done Hand Practice ever?
Question. Why you did Hand Practice?
Question. Have you any boy or girl friend?
Question. How many girl friend you have?
Question. Which type of girl you like?
Question. Did you ever kiss, sex or touch with your girlfriend?
Question. Which type of thing you like in your girl friend?
Question. What is DAT?
Question. Have you ever gone on DAT?
Question. When and Where have you gone?
Question. If I asked you to give your girl friend for one night what will be your reaction?
Question. How you done or complete your sexual urges?
Question. What thing girls wear under kameez?
Question. If your sister went to supermarket with a stranger boy what you will do?
Question. If a girl put off his clothes what you will do?
Question. If I get married with your sister?
Question. If your sister slept on bed without cloths what you will do?

Maverick Khan said...

how to reply...
Question; If we dont recommend u for Army...?

Question; If we select u and transfer u in other services i.e PAF or PN..?

Mitcheal Clerk said...

Pretty! It was really a wonderful blog. Thanks for the provided information.Psychologist Robi Ludwig

enggr hassam said...

Dear sir,
I have a question regarding ISSB,
At the time of form filling after i cleared initial i was working with a private organization (subcontractors),I have submitted NOC and wrote all details about my company,pay,density of work every thing,but in the time during my ISSB letter arrived i got job in multinational company!!!
Now i am confused either to tell in ISSB that i have joined another company with different line of conducts or not!! or lie to them !!!
if i lied it would be harm full in near future in case of selection,if i tell them about my new company they will demand NOC !!! and i am in the probation period cant risk my job !!

Unknown said...

please guide me for 142 GDP ISSB
Good habits:
1. I help alot
2. I always keep smiling.
3. I am a good secret keeper.
Bad habits
1. I am not good in getting up early in the morning.
2. I eat and drink water too much.
3. I get nervous in front of so many people.