Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Psychology Test (1) Word Association Test (WAT)

Word association test or WAT is one of the famous tests of psychology. The main purpose of this test is to get a clear idea about a candidates thinking. You may be wondering how can they check our thinking ? well its quite simple actually. Humans think about something if they get some time, but if there is no time at all then we act on the very first thought that comes in our mind.

What happens in this test is that you are shown a word on which you have to make a sentence. The problem is that you only have 10 seconds to think and write a sentence on that particular word. Words rage from 60 to 100 depends on policies of ISSB. Most of the words are repeated in order to see if the candidate has the same mode of thinking or not, usually after 15 20 sentences candidate's mind begins to give up thinking and he/she starts writing whatever comes in mind in split of a second, he doesn't know what he has written in the test when it finishes , the test actually get the true thinking of the candidate on the paper.

Words are quite simple, like flower, garden, country, mother, girl, boy or they can be difficult like lie, defeat, fear, coward, death. These words are difficult in the sense as they have negative thought with them. If some candidate has fear of something he might write something related to it.

In word association test its not necessary to have that word in sentence, something associating to it can also be written.

like for word GARDEN sentences can be

1. There is a garden in front of my house.
2. Flowers are beautiful
3. I go for jogging in the morning.
4. There are many trees in the garden.

Now in these examples 1 and 4 are although correct but they are childish, psychologist would not consider them that much,. Flowers are beautiful is an association with garden as flowers which are beautiful might be in a garden, same goes for jogging, a person might go for jogging in a garden. But this sentence is of more interest to psychologist as he would capture the idea that the candidate goes for jogging and other healthy activities ( a positive sign).

Similiarly for sentence of MOTHER

1. I love my mother
2. I Respect elders
3. I love Pakistan

are possible sentences. I love my mother would so your affectionate side, I respect elders means you respect your mother....( Note: if you write this sentence here and you write in you good habits that you respect your elders, then it would match, it would show that you truly respect elders thats why your thought process thinks of respect.) I love Pakistan is also a good sentence as Pakistan is our mother land and it would show that candidate is a true patriot.

For word like FEAR sentences can be

1. I fear Allah
2. child is afraid of dark
3. he is afraid he would fail

Now these sentences are showing a complete contrast. Fear Allah is excellent as Muslims only fear Allah and nothing else. But in case of fear of dark, psychologist would instantly guess that the candidate has some issue with dark, "he is afraid he would fail" is a totally negative sentence as it clearly shows that the candidate is not confident and is not sure of his success.

NOTE: From the above examples you might have now realized that this test is not something to be taken as a joke, psychologist develops his perception about you on the sentences you write, if you joke around by writing silly sentences it can create big trouble for you. So practice such sentences as much as possible in order increase your speed, and increasing your thinking ability.


Anonymous said...

can you please tell us how to imrpove our thinking?and is there some practice for these type of tests?

Sibtain Afzaal: said...

Thinking is something that is developed over a long period of time similarly it can be changed over a period of time, just by solving a test a few times doesnt change it.

But in case of ISSB psychology tests what you can do is if you practice the tests over and over again and try to formulate a positive story of your life, all tests would start showing good results in time. Good results dont mean that you show goodness everywhere, Good result means that your thoughts become same, if ur asked a question in one test, and two days later u are asked that question in interview, your thinking should be so synchronized that you give the same answer at both places. this would prove that what u said at both places is true and this is what u really are.

Urooj said...

lie,never lie
defeat,pakistan defeated india
fear,fear of allah
coward,we are not a coward nation
death,death is a relity
plz give ur comments on above written sentences

Sibtain Afzaal: said...

When it comes to such words which have negative sense, then we should use words which associate with them, like i mentioned the example of "flowers are beautiful" for the word Garden.

In your Case here are some better sentences which can give a good meaning.

Lie: Always speak the truth (meaning, never lie)

Defeat: Pakistan won the 1965 war. (meaning, we defeated India)

Fear: (your sentence is right)

Coward: We are a brave nation

Death: ( your sentence is good as it shows you are realistic, but try to improve it with something nicer)

wafa said...

I recite the Qurane-e-pak in English. So many of time Quranic sentences move in my mind can I write Quanic Ayyates in word association test? Like

Success: come to pray, come to success

And is proverbs can be used or not

Blood: Blood is thicker than water
Impossible: Nothing is impossible in this word

wafa said...

i am the new user i dont know how to check the rply of my comment any guid me

Sibtain Afzaal: said...

Yes these sentences are good, but try to avoid those which have words like no, nothing never like i mentioned in some posts.One or two proverbs or idioms are fine but try to be as original as possible.

To check replies visit the topic after a few days of posting a question.

Feel free to ask anymore questions and Please click a few ads to support the work i have put in making this blog.

Anonymous said...

Yara Maza Naee Aya..

Anonymous said...


where to get the words so that i can think sentence for that.

gagan said...

Hello sir,
With due respect, I am Gagandeep Singh from Batala,Punjab,India.Sir please reply to my question and please don't discard it considering that i am Indian beacuse I am asking you these questions just as a student who is seeking some help from a teacher.Please don't let the bar of LOC come inbetween. Sir I have attempted for SSB once and I was not able to make it to the grades because of some reasons which i know. My WAT was not very good.But for last 3 months I am practicing it and i have some questions, sir please help me by answering these.My questions are:
1.Sir can we write such sentences like:
a)Yield: His hard work increased yield
b)Year: He worked hard all the year
C)Zeal: His approach was full of zeal
d)wrong: They played to plan without going wrong
e)Weak: despite feeling weak, he played bravely.

I mean can we use HE,HIS,THEY,THIER,THEM..????

2.sir since i am practising these words for a long time, so whenever i hear a word which i have already practiced, the same response come in my mind. So is'nt it a kind of cramming.

Sir please answer these two of my queries. I will be very grateful to you.Thank you.

bye sir.

Sibtain Afzaal: said...

Dear Gagandeep, sorry for late reply. Though bar of LOC is a reality and cant be denied, yet relation of a student and teacher is above boundaries. For your WAT test answers, you have used a lot of HE, HIM, you can use other words as well, but these sentences are good except for one. “They played to plan without going wrong”. Here you used 2 negatives. Improve that sentence. No its not cramming, rather its consistency of thoughts, which is good, be a bit innovative to have a few changes in every sentence. Theme of thought process is good. Keep it up.

gagan said...

Respected sir,
Thank you very much. I will improve upon the things you have told. I will bring more innovation in my thoughts. Thank you very much again sir.
Bye sir.
Khuda hafiz sir.

Muntazir Mehdi said...

salam sibtain

make a sentance on girl plz.

girls and boys both power of the nation..

what will u say about that...

and plz tell me more words about wat test and give me a idea about image test.

gagan said...

respected sir,
with due respect ,i am Gagandeep singh.sir i had mailed 1 time before also.i have improved my wat.sir,please check some of these sentences and tell,can i write such sentences
1.accept: accept the responsibilities willingly
2. alone :summarize the day when alone
3.attract:nature is attractive,preserve it
yours faithfully,
Gagandeep singh

Anonymous said...

sir m nawt able to make dis kin ov negatives sentences ..

major arif said...

escape: we should face hardships bravly

snake: snakes can see in dark
excuse: i am available any time for my country

danger: we should concern Allah in danger
failure: we succeeded pushing our enemy back to there holes

Anonymous said...

Sorry spelling mistakes.......there and thier

sohaib said...


Sibtain hope you will be fine. i am going for ISSB after a week.but i donot think that i am fully prepared for it now time is short. please suggest me what to do and how i can be successful in it this is my second chnace.

Please advise

Sibtain Afzaal: said...

sohaib be confident, you have experience of issb, use it for your benefit. Try to analyze your mistakes and put you 100% effort as if its a matter of life and death. Try to avoid any MISTAKE which could reduce your chances.

Muhammad arif shah said...

i m back 4m issb........plz pray 4 me....i ll recieve my a couple of dayz.........plz pray for me that i cud go for CMB

Sibtain Afzaal: said...

Dear Arif, our prayers are with you. Please share your experience with us in detail, the questions asked, discussion topics etc. which will help others who would go for ISSB in future.

Anonymous said...

can u plz tell me when wil the vacancies of GDp n CAE comming??

muhammed javed khan said...

sir,,plz tell me that in WAT,when we write associated sentenc for a word,then should we write 'word' in front of sentence

m.javed khan said...

sir plz tell me,that when we write an associated sentence of a word,,then should we write ''word''in front of sentence?

Mahreen said...

Sir can we start a thread where we can practice these sentence making and sentence completion. it would be good for the new comers

muhammed javed khan said...

if word is ''dirty'''and we use it as,,keep your country clean,,will this be right?/?my call date is 5 sep nd no one has gave me the ans of my first question,,

Sibtain Afzaal: said...

yes thats a good answer as it gives a positive impression for a word "dirty"

Imran said...

Assalam o Alaikum sir hope to be fine
sir i have been nt recommended in PMA124 due to many reasons bt one of the major reason was WAT test due to lack of quality to attempt in positive and propriate way
now i m waiting for call letter as i hd submitt for on 22july
plz sir explain briefly matter of success in WAT test
nd plz tell about he words that play negative role r impression
Imran From Garrison College Lahor Cantt

Anonymous said...

Well i wanna tell all of you that it is something which we have with as from 20 or 21 years
when you apply for issb u normally of 19 years old and you can't change your nature in some few days
but still the best way is always make sentences of litte things as well like u sitting on chair make a sentce for it u watching tv seeing different things on it make sentences about it and then think about it by your own judgment that is it a good sentence or not
you will definitely find it easy to improve your self
well if some time there comes sentence like
snake, danger , fear , house
just simply write these type of answers
snake, animal
danger, war
fear, Allah
house , beautiful

Anonymous said...

respected sir!
my name is samsoon and as from my name u can recognize me (christian).
i want your suggestion on my thinking, i take it very easy sir bcz i like writting on any topic ,if u give me a topic i can write on it if i had heard about it . ( WAT test ) i learn many things and i will learn more tips from you sir. i have learnt by reading comments . i am not praising myself .i just want u to comment on my thinking that i take it easy that i will do it and i always write what comes in my heart not in mind either +itive or -itive .. plz comment !

naina said...

sir day after 2morow is my issb n i think i m not prepared 4 dat plz sent me ur sugestion what shud i do?

Anonymous said...

be confident, go through the tips posted on this blog and relax. everything will go Ok.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to all my friends who are going for there issb may ALLAH give them success now i need help from evry one i have a problm i have recieved my issb call leter it will be held on 10 jan 2010 but my mid term papers are starting from 6th jan at university now what i do? pleeeez help me

Anonymous said...

Good luck to all my friends who are going for there issb may ALLAH give them success now i need help from evry one i have a problm i have recieved my issb call leter it will be held on 10 jan 2010 but my mid term papers are starting from 6th jan at university now what i do? pleeeez help me

Anonymous said...

sir pleez rpl me m wating............

nauman said...

sir .next month is my issb .i am worried on WAT teast.
my thinking ability is not good .
how i increse my thinking abilty in short time .
sir i am waiting for your answer .

nauman said...

sir plz pass coments on thus senteses.
machine:machine reduces man effort .
snake:anakonda is a big snake .
failure:failure is a step of success.
knife: knife is used to cut.
escape:refuges escape from pakistan.
sky:sky is mixture of gases.
cowerd:pakistan defeat india in 1965 war.
plz sir reply soon .


Asslam o alekum,
Hi i am Waqas Bilal.

after reading all about the WAT and comments posted by all my friends i just add one thing that our general impression about WAT is wrong. we are thinking about it as sentence making test, but its name shows that it is "Word" + "Association", mean simply we should create link or associate word to the sentence. not using that word we should create a relation between the word and sentence. so keeping it in mind you can easily practice it

Anonymous said...

How many sentence present in WAT test??

Waqar said...

Plz tell me any website from which i can prepare myself for wat test

Syed Junaid Shahid said...

assalam o alaikum... sibtain! thank you for that great information.. and pray for me,. I am going for my second chance of issb..

Anonymous said...

Hi all of u. my name is sarshar jehangir.i m reading in nigeria and i m preparing my mind to join army now i m in 11th and and my friends i want u to tell me that can we use the anonymous of the word that they will ask u.

mir said...

i m mohsin.sir use this words for me

Z * A BUKHARI said...

Salam sir, pray for me bcz i m going 4 my 2nd chance,i m fully optimist that Almighty Allah will reward my hardwork,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Anonymous said...

sir can u tll us that how can we make a sentence of an -ive word in term of +ive....?

Anonymous said...

hello. i want to ask if a sentence apear infront us like fear so we will write fear and then make a sentence or we will just write a sentence on that word, and what about hand writing because my handwriting is very bad.
please reply on my email is

faizan tanveer said...

money- time is money
danger-fire brigade prevented further danger
slip-walk slowly otherwise you will slip
fatal-doctor cured a fatal desease
shy-he is not shy but confident
leg-he ate leg piece of chicken
murder-God saved him from a murder
punish-teacher pardoned the child
blunder-don't make a blunder,be calm
edge-ball touched the edge of the bat
ugly-my friends are not ugly

sir please point out my mistakes

Anonymous said...

Assalam-o-alikum sir! my name is M.awais iwant some sugession for these stences........... 1-shy,he is not shy but confident. 2_danger,concern Allah in danger. 3_waste,do not waste your money on idle pursuit. 4_pour,por out water in this glass...5_blunder,he make blunder as he left the college. plz reply me soon thnkyou

Anonymous said...

my name is junaid.
any one could tell me some good and bad habits as soon as possible

Anonymous said...

Sir,am i making the right sentences?
peace:spread peace
friend:friends are the best part of life
home:there is no place like home
army:Pakistan army reflect bravery diceplin and honour
respect:respect your elders
war:sometimes war is necessary to spread peace

honey said...

reall nice.

honey said...

Aslam o aliakum
every thing is nicely described here it is good plate form for taking ISSB
Admin has done good work i want know about anti mesidum.i think i understand
1.I am not afraid of ....(snake and-lizard) mean i am brave enough.or i am brave girl.
2.Life has its own beauty.or life is beautiful.
3.I am surprise at changing technologies in every second.or i am surprise at your rapid success.
or i am surprise at thousand app of windows 8.
4.He wanted every good thing in life.

UMAR FIAZ said...

sir plz guide me about words association test how can find variety in senetences and also words for WAT

Anonymous said...

lie : lie for noble cause.
ugly: laziness leads to ugly
shy: don't shy away from facts.
lazy: one must be active.
cut: he cut me a cake.
brother: brother is source of
annoy: one must handle situations
fellow: my class fellow are
generally civilized.
help: one should seek help when
seldom: barking dog seldom bite.
wife: wife is ones life partner.
rent: rent me your knowledge.
misery : arrogance is misery.
pity: one must feel pity of bad
sympathy: one should have
sympathy for poor.
bold: one must bold in taking

sir are these sentences correct reply soon thanks...

Anonymous said...

what can be a suggested sentence of eager????
please reply...

Anonymous said...

Eager to learn mathematics.

Anonymous said...

salam dear friends!!! can u tell me positive sentence for Wealth

Ehsan Kakar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

is it right. step. walk on the right way . love. my mother is my life

mona chohan said...

aslam u alaikum, sir i m memoona from sargodha, i m preparing for my issb test in education branch as psychology is my subject..i already knew much about verbal and non verbal tests but time is too short my test is on 22 Aug 2016, i m doing practice and giving my best efforts to prepare, kindly pray for me and plez guide me how to decrease anxiety, i have great confidence on my self but anxiety is the only problem on which i cant occupy..

hamza yaqoob said...

A.o.a dear!
WHAT happened about ur ISSB test.

HaMzA said...

Make a sentence on Danger