Saturday, May 31, 2008

Command Tasks (1)

Command task is one of the most important tasks you have with your GTO. After seeing your performance in the Discussions, GTO by now has made a judgment about you and would like to check you more and verify his decision whether you are to be recommended by him or now.

First of all your whole group would be called for fall in, meaning you would be ask to stand in a straight line. Then GTO would ask who would like to become the first commander. It has been seen that almost all the candidates raise their hand. But its up to GTO to select one among you all. Usually he picks the candidates based on his assumption that guy no 1 is the best among the rest according to his performance in discussion and should be tested first. But this is not a hard and fast rule. He might pick anyone.

Now comes a tricky part. He selects one candidate and takes him to the Command task. During that walk he asks the candidates some questions. He says that this is an "informal discussion and has nothing to do with ISSB" but in reality its also an assessment. He asks you questions like "aj kal kia ker rahay ho?" and other question in very polite and friendly manner as if he is your close friend. Thats a trick to get an insight. BE CAUTIOUS.

When you reach the task, he gives you a briefing, telling you about the time you have, which items you can use like drum, ropes, planks etc. He would tell you which points are "out of bound" marked red , which are "in bound" which are "out of bound for you but in bound for your items" marked with red and yellow strips. Ground is usually out of bound. Out of bound means that if you touch that point it would be a foul and you would have to do it again. More over, some times even jumping and throwing are also declared foul.

NOTE: Listen to his briefing clearly and remember the position of how the items(drums ropes planks) are placed before the task, as you have to put them back in the same position and order after the task. After hearing the entire briefing, call your group and then the you start the task.... (how you start the task would be told in part 2)... Continued...

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where is the CONTINUES section ?


Shuja said...

sir where is the second part of command task

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where is Part 2????????