Saturday, May 24, 2008

Graduate courses.... No more

It was being rumored that Graduate course in the Pakistan army would soon be shut down and no induction will be made in this course. This was proved true in the recent Army selection ad.
News is in that decision was made on the basis that graduate course cadets dont act and look like true army officers after their short training and they were of no match with the "longians". It was after careful analysis that such a step was taken and now implemented.

To some extent it might be true. A 22 or 23 year old cannot perform same as a 18 year old in the WT area or PT ground. The mindset of a masters degree holder is totally different compared to a FA Fsc. candidate. But this decision has dampened the hopes and dreams of alot of guys who wanted to appear for the third time before ISSB with a hope that they would get selected in the Army.

This decision by the GHQ has its pros and cons but we can only hope for what is best for all the candidates.


Muhammad arif shah said...

alaasss !!!!

Zaheer Ahmad said...

it is an incorrecr decession because in 130th PMA long course BBA(H) candidate can also apply they are also master and has age of 24 they also have same case as graduate course if they can perform well then why not a graduate course candidate

Tanveer Ghaleja said...

meri to kismat hi kharab hai
main ne to B.A base pe apply karna tha

FADIKING said...

if 22 or 23 can not perform well in PT or other feilds then why age limit of LC is 23....???