Friday, December 26, 2008

Individual Task (2)

Individual tasks comprise of

1. Hanging Bridge
2. High Jump
3. Ditch Jump
4. Zig Zag
5. Going through a hanging Tier
6. Monkey Bridge
7. Tarzan Swing
8. Boxing Ring
9. Rope Climbing

They are arranged in a small size ground and are placed randomly, meaning there is no pattern as which task should be done first and which at the end. You can start from one side and complete tasks which come before you. Usually all obstacles are arranged in circular manner with 2 or 3 tasks in the center.

Each obstacle has certain points which are calculated when candidate crosses them. If your body touches any part marked red it is considered a foul. you have to do that task all over again. Usually if some one has committed a foul he should try to cross that obstacle again, if again same foul is made then try it for the third time. If even on the third time you cant clear it then move forward to the next obstacle. By trying to clear the obstacle 3 times you give 2 impressions.

1. You are determined to complete the job that is why you are trying again and again.
2. If you cant clear 3 times you move on and try to complete other jobs rather then wasting your time on just one.

Details about each obstacle will be given in other parts.

To be Continued...


Anonymous said...

i m repeater candidate.Kindly tell me that 1st i applied from lahore and now i have applied from karachi my issb will be in karachi or will be in punjab.secondly tell me the proper sequence of individual obstacles. which are more time saving

Sibtain Afzaal: said...

Dear it depends on ISSB schedule and their arrangements, if they have enough space in Gujeranwala that they can accomodate candidates from Karachi and parts of sindh then they call them to Gujeranwala.
But i think there are more chances that you will be called to Malir Cantt ISSB center.
There is no fixed sequence. The best way to do is to complete the obstacle which comes before you.
In Gujeranwala the 7 Obstacles are in a circle and 2 are in middle, i completed the 7 and then came to center ones.

Anonymous said...

thanks for guidaning
kindly tell me the sentences of above words i tried for several but i cant done plz help me the words are:
i will be very very thanksful for such a kindness,n again thakns for ur answer to my first question

Sibtain Afzaal: said...

dear first of all you asked this question in wrong topic. There is a special topic regarding word association test.

Secondly in that topic i have given detailed examples how to make the sentences.

Thirdly my sentences will be according to my thinking, your will be according to yours, its you who has to practice and think not me :)

Try to make sentences and write 5 words and their sentences which are really difficult, ill try to correct them.

There are also some correction I made to sentences of some candidates. Do check them as well.

Rozee said...


These are ISSB informations and there are so many people take interest in this.

Anonymous said...

Plese guide me that pma online test and issb centers test (obstacles).


M.Usman Jamil

Anonymous said...

where would u found the lectuere of making sentences of sibtain afzal???????????

ash said...

ASSALAM-O-ALLAYKUM.i want to join paf as a women.please tell me kya larkiyon k liye b yehi tests hoty hain ya unko kuch or tasks diye jaty hain.aur plz ooper diye hovy har task k bary me b kuch batain k us mey kya karna parta hai.

ash said...

ASSALAM-O-ALLAYKUM.bhaii mey ney suna hy k issb waly instant reaction b observe krty hain.jaisy kisi bandyko kaha k agr ye glass dewaar pr maro to kya hoga.aur us ney wo glass dewaar pey maar diya aur kaha k khud dekh lo kya hoga.esi tarah kisi ko kaha k koi aisa kaam karo k hum hil us ney wahan bethy ek officer k chehrey pr thapar mar diya.en batoon mey kahan tk saachaii hy.agr ye batain darust hain to plz ye b bata dain k en mey sy kis ka reaction +ive tha aur kyun?aur agr kisi ka reaction -ive tha to usy kya krna chahiye tha.MAY ALLAH BLESS U.

Sibtain Afzaal: said...

dear ash,
sorry for late reply.
as for your first part of question, yes, girls also have to do these tasks, these tasks are not to check your strength, but to check your confidence and your fears.

for your second questions, such myths exist that some one slapped the interviewer, or broke some glass or something. In reality such things usually dont happen, dont do that if they ask you something similar

chaudhry said...

once a guy was asked by the interviewer "what would you say if i say the paper(actually white paper)on the table is black?" the guy simply said 'no,it's white'.
what he should have said? is 'no' the correct reply??

Anonymous said...

i am recomended from i.s.s.b of 125 pma long course but i havenot got my joining letter of pma they said i m not upto the merit for this course now shall i go in the next course is this info is confirmed that i shall go in next course which is 126 pma long course

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous said..."i am recomended from i.s.s.b of 125 pma long course but i havenot got my joining letter of pma they said i m not upto the merit for this course now shall i go in the next course is this info is confirmed that i shall go in next course which is 126 pma long course"

Not necessarily, there are certain factors for which you were not finally selected, it may be your marks in matric,FA/FSc, Issb grades, age etc. Wait for 126 PMA other wise you have to go again for ISSB...But the main thing tell others what you have done and and what do you think why you were selected

beenish said...

Guys .There are some videos available on youtube of the individual tasks. Do check them out. Cheers!

Hassan khokhar said...

salam guyz....!!!
i want to now this that how long will it take to get the issb later .....i have given my interview on 3rd jan 2011........thanks

Babar Slhri said...

Salam to every one !
I'm happy to have such informative website for the first time...
Best wishes for the whole family .ALLAH BLESS THIS FAMILYormative website for the first time...
Best wishes for the whole family .ALLAH BLESS THIS FAMILY

Anonymous said...

Sir , girls applied for IT commissioned officers in PAF have to do individual obstices? O have read from a website that only GDP and CAE females have to do obstacles and others are selected on two dimensions ( psychologist and interviews) ???