Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Interview : Sex related questions

Candidates who go for issb have to face strange situation when they are asked sex related questions during interview.
Candidates get confused as what to answer to such questions. Time and again they are told to be natural and normal but this situation creates problem as they usually dont discuss or are encountered with such questions especially when the interview decides if you get the job or not stress level increases greatly.

Here are a few tips in this regard.

1. If asked have you seen bp(blue print movie)

These days indian movies have so many partially nude scenes that its seems a lie to say that you dont know anything about it. You may say that you have never seen such a movie if you really havent but you can say that you know whats in it.

2.question regarding girlfriend or boy friend.

It depends on your back ground. If you have been in co education then naturally you must have had interaction with opposite gender. But you can say that they are just friends like anyother classfellow. Others well try to show naturally that its not the case.if he insists you can say that you like some cousin or anyone but you know that you should have a career and work hard for it to be eligible to send formal proposal. It will give a more mature and responsible image.

In short you should know that these questions are not to explore your personal but to know if you are being true to them or have a fake image. Or the candidate has pre prepared answers. Try not to hesitate and give awkward gestures. Dont be too open giving a negative impression.


Jesica said...

Interesting work..
keep it up

Anonymous said...

Yes ya provide great information..
when is new batch opening?

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chaudhry said...
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chaudhry said...

i might have watched blueprint movies?

can you please tell me what this actually is?

Anonymous said...

Some questions that have been asked to me during ISSB and I could remember, are given below:
Q1: What does mean by “B.P” (Blue Print)?
Q2: What does mean by “H.P” (Hand Practice)?
Q3: Define Viscosity? (May asked some definitions of Physics form Metric Level)
Q4: Define Isomers? (May asked some definitions of Chemistry form Metric Level)
Q5: How many cm are in a foot? (You must know exchangeable measurement quantities)
Q6: What does yours father do?
Q7: Have you any girl friend? (If yes then tell me that where she belong to either your family or town (mohalla).
Q8: Why do you want to join Army?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hamisha Such Bolna hay.

Anonymous said...

great information..
but if he ask what mean of B.P or H.P then what is our answer????
kindly tell me..

Anonymous said...

YES whats shuld we say about h.p n b.p?

Hafiz M Daniyal Awan said...

Thanks alot sir, u r providing great information about the topic which the other sources just avoid..

Hafiz M Daniyal Awan said...

if he asked me that ,what is meant by bp and hp then what should we say

Anonymous said...

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Zaka said...

From Zaka_ur_Rehman.
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Anonymous said...

B.P H.P can also define in positive way. you must positive during interview. like B.P Blood preasure, boiling point. n H.P high power n etc. if u answer hand practic r blue print then dont b shy r over act. if neccessry u must answer of B.P SIR this is a film.

Anonymous said...

nice info but would plz tell me that if he orders us to serve some thing to him like water,tea or forces us to do some dynamic work then what should we do plz ans me.

arslanayaz1 said...

we should not serve them these things by ourselves....there should be a ring bell in front ov us....we should ring it n call a poen..n should ask him to serve them..

Anonymous said...

you should be positive and answering to questions related to sex you should not hesitate by hp means hewllet and Packard electronic device making company and by bp its means blood pressure :-)

Anonymous said...

r these questions r also said by female candidates

Anonymous said...

I have passed the initial tests and now I have a medical and interview on this coming Monday so any tips for me because m so confused :/

Anonymous said...

I have passed the initial tests of GDP and now I have a medical and interview on this coming Monday so any tips for me because m so confused :/